Providing quality education nationwide is an investment in our future that we must be committed to. I support creating tuition-free public colleges, so everyone can have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Cost should not hold back any person from achieving their dreams or earning a living. If students decide to pursue a college education then they are caught between burdening their families or being buried under a mountain of debt that is often too difficult for new graduates in entry-level positions.

I will fight for student loan forgiveness for all college students in Indiana and over the country. If students do take out loans to pay for college, they should be given adequate information to avoid defaulting on them. Making each student loan zero interest would also ease the burden of paying back loans as students would only be paying back the exact amount their education cost. I also support increasing access to community colleges and technical schools. High school students need to be aware of these options and given the resources they need to succeed in ways that differ from the norm of attending a four-year university.

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