I want to create a safe learning environment for all children, especially those in Indiana’s 6th District.

Instituting legislation that requires there to be metal detectors and video cameras in all schools will aid in doing so. These security measures will protect against potential threats within schools and ensure that both children and teachers feel safe. Having the presence of safety resource officers in all schools makes sure that if there is a threat present, an experienced officer is there to reduce any harm that may come from a conflict. These officers will take the pressure off of teachers in ensuring that everyone in the building is safe.

I also support increased mental health resources for students and normalizing using those resources. Reducing the stigma around receiving assistance for mental health by making all students aware of the resources available and giving increased training to counselors would help students get any help they may need.

Reasonable Gun Laws: In order to protect the citizens of Indiana, I support common-sense gun laws. 94% of people support universal background checks. Therefore, firearms can be kept out of the hands of those who may be a danger to themselves or others. I also support the current red flag law in Indiana and would hope to see it expanded throughout the country. Giving officers the right to temporarily take a firearm from someone in a high stress situation would quickly de-escalate domestic violence incidents and prevent suicides. Taking these measures would help protect all citizens from violence.

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