In running for Congress, I promise to be as truthful and transparent as I truly can be. I believe our government can do better to serve the people of America and Indiana’s 6th District and this starts with electing those who truly represent all in America and know their concerns.

Our people deserve someone who is fighting for their rights and will do right by them. I support creating a 6th District that has full access to quality healthcare and one where children can safely go to school. Providing healthcare, education, and a living wage to Hoosiers is what must be done to advance our district. As your Democratic candidate, I strive to be the best leader I can to achieve the best for my fellow Hoosiers.   

As a community leader, I value feedback and want you all to know I am here, ready, and willing to hear your feedback and have difficult discussions with you. Challenging discussions are how we find common ground, tackle big problems, and make a positive change for all.

I promise I will listen to you. The only way forward is with the strength of our community and your voice. With respect and compassion, I will listen to all your concerns and frustrations. This way I can better understand your story, and better represent you in Congress.

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