I support an increase to the federal minimum wage by increasing it to $10 nationwide. People who work full-time jobs should not have to struggle to support their families. Accomplishing this would make progress towards shrinking the inequality gap in our society. Wages have failed to keep pace with increases in costs and productivity in this country. This stagnation makes it difficult for working-class Hoosiers to get ahead.

Instead of creating conditions for all Americans to thrive, Republicans want to pass a tax cut for the extremely wealthy. This will not help working-class Americans like those in the 6th District. The wealth that has accumulated in the past few decades has failed to trickle down to fix the problems of those most in need in our country. To help them, I believe in prioritizing the needs of America’s, and Indiana’s, economy by fighting to keep manufacturing jobs close to home and work to build our own infrastructure. We cannot aid other countries, if we do not first aid ourselves.

Indiana has lost a minimum of 5,000 manufacturing jobs since 2016 and I will fight to make sure that even more continue to stay here. I want to create a future where Hoosiers in the 6th District can not only have jobs secure from outsourcing and automaton, but ones where they can prosper.

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