Creating a better infrastructure is a cause that will benefit everyone in Indiana’s 6th District. Improving our roads will save average citizens money every year and provide construction jobs to Hoosiers. I believe we should efficiently take advantage of federal money received to make the most feasible improvements to our state’s infrastructure.

All Hoosiers deserve to be able to drive on roads that are safe and reliable, especially as the Crossroads of America. Modernizing the 6th District should be a priority so Indiana can move into the future and increase our competitiveness with other states.

In order to accomplish this, I support increasing the federal gas tax from 18 cents to 20 cents to provide the extra income needed to complete these projects. To provide a better quality of life for Hoosiers, I believe there needs to be investments not only in improving our roads but in upkeeping our sewage systems. The right to clean water is one that belongs to everyone and should continue to be in Indiana’s 6th District.  

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